What is this thing called pop culture and how do I keep in touch???

First one needs to know what popular culture means in order to understand what it is. The urban dictionary is a fabulous source of meanings to understand what is popular. This alternate dictionary has a number of meanings for the word popular culture which can provide the common man or woman some insight into the topic.

One thing for sure that is popular amongst young people is YouTube. YouTube can be used creatively in the classroom and not just as a way of entertaining the students. There are some useful videos to assist teachers in explaining things in a visual way. So why not explain what popular culture is by watching a video.

So now you know what it is, you might now want to know what makes something popular. This video gives some really good examples of what makes popular culture popular form a group of young perspective.

Now that you have the urban dictionary and YouTube down pact, you may want to think about others ways you can understand what popular culture is.  I think the best way of understanding it, is by participating in it. You need to keep in touch with what is popular at this point in time. This may change in the near future but for now here are a few great websites, social media sites and apps that the youth of today are using.


Social Media Sites:


If you are still in doubt of what is popular then  some great ways of keeping in touch with what is popular is by checking out places like iTunes, Trending Now- Yahoo News or if you are still in doubt simply ask. More often than not the youth of today are happy to share what they think is cool or what they like.

Good luck keeping up!!!!


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