Beloved books from my childhood


 Books Image  (CC)

When I think back to what was popular when I was a child the range of toys, clothing and especially books is very much limited to what is available now. Yes we had a lot to choose from but today’s children seem to have so much more choice.

As a child and even now I loved to read. If my mum couldn’t find me outside with my brother and sister, then I was always in my room reading. I read all types of books and as I got older the genres changed.

When I was in younger primary school I loved books like Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, as well as Wombat Stew. Not only were these books appropriate for my age group but they allowed me to be a child and delve into a land of innocence where imagination could run wild.

Wombat Stew

Wombat Stew Book Cover by goodreads (CC)

As I got older and more into reading, I discovered that I loved ready ‘scary’ stories and Goosebumps was the answer to all my prayers. I insisted that my mum and dad buy me a Goosebumps book every time book club came around. I loved the thrill, the scare and most of all the imaginative settings within each story. Over the years I collected close to 80 books and was borrowing the rest of the books in between book club so that I wasn’t going to miss out. It must have cost my mum a fortune (well it was actually my chore money but anyways).


Goosebumps Book Cover by the wrap (CC)

As the years went by and my love for reading continued I started to branch off into not just books but magazines for my own personal reading pleasure. As I approached my teenage years I was inquisitive about life outside of my small home town and seeked for information about the lasted clothes, hair styles, music, ‘love life’ need to knows and so much more from magazines like Dolly. These type of magazines were popular amoung my friends and I and I always had to have the latest edition from the local supermarket. I would sit for hours pouring over the contents of these magazines and used them as a guide to live my life especially when it came to boys. Now I look back and think ‘Oh, how sad’ but it was so true at the time.

Dolly Mag

Dolly Cover by whosdatedwho (CC)

Once I hit my late teens and early twenties, my love for reading broadened in the sense that I actually started reading. I realised that there was more to life than Goosebumps, Dolly and Wombat Stew but these books had a purpose in my life. Not only did they allow me to learn to read, build on necessary literacy skills but they helped shape my life. All of these examples are still extremely popular amoung children today, in fact I am ready Wombat Stew to my own daughter. So I must not have been too far out of the loop on what was called popular.