Gaming in the Library???


Gaming Image by wallpaper4me (CC)

In this post we are required to choose a piece of scholarly information and share our thoughts on this. Gaming in some form or another has been part of our lives and as time goes on we often see digital gaming the type of gaming choice. I decided to look at a YouTube clip by Beth Galloway on the ‘Librarians Guide to Gaming!’ in Learning Pack D, as well as a quick look at the website that Beth refers to.

I thought the clip by Beth Galloway would be interesting as I never really thought about gaming in the library or its purpose. Beth states that ‘today literacy is more than just reading and writing. 21st century literacy is digital. Information Communication Technology as well as media, programming and visual. These 21st century skills require reading, understanding and evaluating information in order to think critically, draw conclusions and make informed decisions.’


Board Game Image by Moebius Noodles (CC)

Gaming provides students with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills that will in turn help them in the classroom or even assist in them getting a job. It is a fun way of learning the necessary 21st century skills; and it also improves the libraries attendance rates and loans, as students often utilise other sections of the library while they are there. Not only is gaming useful in a library context, but also the classroom context.


Gaming Image by macleans (CC)

Gaming doesn’t necessarily need to be video games, but is often more favourable if it is. This is something I touched on with my first assignment, as it really fascinates me how we can engage students in ways that will make learning truly meaningful. Why does learning need to be based at a desk with a pencil and some paper? Why not teach problem solving and literacy through games if this helps students learn? Maybe we need to limit the amount of resources we spend money on that are simply thrown away and invest in some quality games that will last and be used a great deal more? I believe that we as educators need to think outside of the box and the clip below is a great example of how you can use video gaming in the library with great success. These are questions that I am starting to ask myself and hope that one day we can more closer towards in our classrooms.


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