So what is popular to young people?

When I approached this task I initially thought that I knew what was popular amongst young people, as I’m not that old. When I thought about interviewing a young person I wonder who I would choose. I found this a little hard to just choose one person so I decided to interview the children from my grade 3 class. It gave be a broader idea of what was popular amongst young people. The results from the  Pop culture survey  I conducted were interesting, as there were things that I had never heard of before. I had to look this ‘stuff’ up so I understood what they were talking about. Then there were other times that I was surprised because these were the things I was interested in when I was their age.

I decided to split the class into small groups of 3 or 4 with the same genders in each group. I wanted to compare the genders and see if they were actually watching, reading, using different things. It amazed me how similar some of their answers were but it was evident that some of the things they listed were very much gender biased. An example of this would be the boys liking transformers while the girls liked Mary Poppins when it came to movies.

Mary-Poppins-poster      VS    transformers

                          Photo credit: Mary Poppins Image (cc)        Photo Credit: Transformers Image (cc)

Some of the similarities were not so surprising as I had heard them talking about it during lunch breaks or whilst they were lining up to come into class in the morning. Some of these similarities were the viewing of shows like Scooby Doo and Big Brother. Big Brother was a little bit of a shock as I thought this wouldn’t be something that interested this age group with it being a reality tv show, but the students raved on about each of the house members and how they felt about the recent evictees.

An area that surprised me a little was the use of technologies and the viewing of YouTube. The majority of the students said they were not permitted to view YouTube, with the few students who are allowed said they watch it ’cause my older brother/sister does and I just watch what they are watching’. The only student who said they did watch it without siblings was the one who watched ‘How to Basics’ videos. This helped her bake and do craft without the assistance of her parents. She said it is like a coach or teacher and they walk through each step in really simple terms. An example of one of these videos is below.

With use of these popular texts came me questioning ratings, as some of the movies they are suggesting they like is Transformers which is M rated. How are these students being allowed to view these shows, listen to some of these songs or more so having so much freedom to use such devices? Are parents watching their children while they are doing this or are these students left to their own devices? It makes me wonder what else could be popular among this group of children if parents didn’t have some kind of limitation on the viewing, reading and use of popular texts. I guess is something for me to look forward to with my own child and something to be mindful with my students in the mean time 🙂