Do libraries need to be boring places?

When a book lover thinks of a library, you will often see them wonder off into another place. Their eyes smile and it’s like they are drifting away to a magical land. When a person who has no desire to pick up a book, let alone read one thinks about a library, you can tell it would be the last place on this Earth they would want to be by just looking at their facial expressions. Each to their own I guess.

Libraries do not need to appear boring and nor should they be a boring place. When I mean boring, I mean: no talking; everyone sitting by themselves reading silently without interacting; a cranky librarian behind a desk with hawk eyes on everyone making sure no one is talking; rows and rows of books shelved neatly and precise order; library assistants with squeaky wheeled trolleys full of books walking amongst the rows of shelves that all look the same; simple furniture that has one colour all round; and those drab looking tables at desks.

The point I am trying to make is this. If libraries were more interesting then maybe more people, especially young people, would go to them.

Some libraries are like this and that is fine. I think it is nice to see an old library in it’s pretty much original state. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I look at them. I think there is a place for libraries like these.

saint-paul-public-libraries                                   new-york-public-library-room-alt

Saint Paul Almanac Library by Payton Chung (CC)    New York Public Library by Ellyssa Kroski (CC)

Then there are libraries that are simply exciting to enter. They appear magical in a sense. They are fun to look at. They are inspiring. They make people want to read. Now these are what I call libraries. A library to me is a magical place where you are free to relax and enjoy a space with others and maybe even read a book or two. Some of these libraries below, remind me of what I think a library should be.

1013136_10151763951025485_882426185_n                                   800px-vistadelabibliotecavasconcelos

Kansas City Library by unusual architecture (CC)  ‘Matrix Library’ in Mexico City by Eneas De Troya (CC)

stuttgart                                       library-3-640x426

Stuttgart City Library by Axel Brunst Photography (CC)    Outdoor Library by Emily Temple (CC)

Modern-Library-Design                                  images

Modern Library by BCI Library Design (CC)                        Library Image by 707056suchada (CC)

modernlibr                                  biblioteca_Hjørring_dinamarca3

Amazing Libraries Image by Google+ (CC)                         Creative Libraries by Biblioteca (CC)

modern-library-interior-design-by-bosch-fjord-1                             Netherlands-Famous-DOK-Library-Listening-Pods

Shelving Design by Biblioteca (CC)                                      DOK Library Listening Pods by Marek Thi (CC)

As you can see libraries don’t need to be boring, no talking zones. They can be fun, fresh and modern. By having these types of designs we may be able to encourage the youth of today to read more at the library. We may even inspire them to do more than just looking at the furniture…… Lets hope so.


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