Pinterest or Tumblr. What do you follow?

When I found out we had to create a Pinterest or Tumblr board, I was like ‘YES!!!’ as I use Pinterest on a weekly basis. I absolutely love it. It is a great platform to collect useful resources or websites that help me with my teaching as well as the latest fashions or food recipes. I simply Pin It or Like and refer to it again and again. Tumblr on the other hand is unfamiliar territory for me. I have honestly never used it or even looked at it. This will have to be something I may need to have a look at, especially if it is similar to platforms like Pinterest.

A part of this weeks activity was not only creating a new board but creating it to suit ‘young people’ or what they are interested in. I used suggestions from my class in the previous activity as well as popular texts that have been popping up lately in the news or discussions that I have either been a part of or heard.

Pintrest capture

Pinterest Board

My Popular Culture board is a work in progress with approximately 30 Pins in it. As time goes on I will add to it, so that I am up to date with what is popular. I’m sure this won’t be too hard considering I work with young people and have a child myself.

Happy Viewing…….


3 thoughts on “Pinterest or Tumblr. What do you follow?

  1. Wow! Your board is a great resources. There are some things on there that I have never heard of Poptropica or music TV. I must be teaching in a different demography. However there are some things on your board that I have also pinned. The Smurfs and Call of Duty must be a favourite at the moment as they are new and have captured students imagination. You board has given me a lot of food for thought.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s just me but when I click your Pinterest board I only get a larger version of the screenshot come up……Oh no, wait. I just realised there was a link for it underneath. Maybe you could link the image too. I see you’ve been adding to it since you did the screenshot – addictive, isn’t it?! 🙂

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